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The folk opera "When the Fern Blooms"

The premier of the folk opera "When the Fern Blooms", the composer's distinguished work, will take place 15 November 2003 at the National Opera of Ukraine.


In august of 2003 year

Yevhen Stankovych plans to complete his new choral work "The Liturgy of St John Chrysostom".  The work will be premiered by the Kyiv Chamber Choir (Mykola Hobdych, Artistic Director).


The Ceremony at the Mariinsky Palace

The President of Ukraine awarded Yevhen Stankovych the Order of Yaroslav Mudry at the Mariinsky Palace on 24 May 2003.
Yevhen Stankovych was also awarded the prestigious "Man of the Year" Award for his contribution to the arts in Ukraine in 2002.


Next 20 shows of the TV serial "Roksolana"

Work on the composition of the music to the next 20 shows of the TV serial "Roksolana" (Borys Nieberidze, Director) was completed in May 2003.  Amongst the various musical themes special attention should be paid to the scene in which Roksolana mourns the death of her son at the hands of his own brother. The soundtrack to "Roksolana" will be released in 2004 on a Lemme produced CD.


The Premiere of the Symphony No. 6

In April 2003, Yevhen Stankovych's Symphony No. 6 was premiered during the annual "Season's Premieres" Musical Festival.  A review of the work by Yuri Chekan can be read here.


Балет “Вікінги”

У Національній опері України. 19.09.02 e день народження композитора відбудеться постановка одного з останніх творів композитора - балет “Вікінги”.

Автор лібретто - О.П.Биструшкін.


Оперний спектакль “Цвіт папороті” у Національній філармонії

Спектакль відбудеться 19.09.02 у постановці для камерного хору.


Планується випуск ювілейної серії компакт-дисків

Ювілею композитора присвячується випуск 5 - 6 компакт дисків творів, які поки що не виходили масовим тиражем.

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