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News 2014



  At the beginning of 2014 Yevhen Stankovych wrote two new works: Sextet "Mirages" for violin, cello, clarinet, flute, piano, drums and "Maidan's Fresco" for violin and piano.


  The World Premieres of Sextet "Mirages" and "Maidan's Fresco" are planned to be held in Switzerland (ensemble "New Music") and Italy respectively.






  On the 12th of April 2014 concert-presentation of  EVHEN STANKOVYCH "Chamber-instrumental Pieces" note edition in National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" (Art Arsenal) took place. The edition is published by "Musical Ukraine" a Specialized State Publishing House . The event was part of the International lierature  Arsenal Book Festival IV .


  The collection presents Evhen Stankovych's chamber pieces for violin, cello and piano in various combinations. Besides some opuses - Triptich "On Highlands" and Sonata-piccolo for violin and piano - many other pieces in the present note edition are published for the first time. Once again, the unique aspect of this collection is in the fact, that the performers and audience can examine the earliest Stankovych's compositions - Sonatina for piano, two Sonatas for cello and piano (#2 and #3), two Pieces for violin and cello, where the style of Maestro originated.


 Alongside the concert, masterful compositions, the collection includes pieces of deep conceptual content, Trio "Red Forest Music", in particular.  It represents "a mosaic" of diverse genres, styles, different time periods examples of composer's art, that gives possibility to acquaint oneself with evolution of his artistic thought. It does it, practically, from the very beginning - from the first probes of 1960s - first part of 1970s till highclasses modern pieces of 2000s. The recent edition, however, represents only some part of Evhen Stankovych's multiaspect chamber heritage. It does nevertheless expose the chamber genre in his work like a key sphere, that as important as his opera, ballet, symphonic and choral art.






  On the 26 - 27th of April  "Two Days and Two Nights" 20th jubilee musical festival took place in Odessa. After the traditional opening by the Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg University of Music the music portrait of Yevhen Stankovych was presented in the "interior" of the festival.


  Newspaper "Day" wrote about the event:

 "To “paint” the portrait, the exquisite watercolors of his chamber instrumental music were chosen. The opuses, which embrace almost a 50-year-long period of time, recreated the music of deep feelings and philosophic lyrics. The performance of one of them, Sonata for Cello and Piano, was a world premiere and became a real discovery of the unknown gem of Ukrainian chamber music. Bravo to Zoltan Almasi (cello), Andrii Pavlov (violin), Bohdan Kryvopust (piano) for the bright portrait. Bravo to Music Ukraine for publishing the collection of chamber-instrumental works by Stankovych."


  More about the festival can be read here.     The photo shows the Festival propriator, composer Carmella Tsepkolenko.



  On the 19th of June  Ukrainian public became a witness of Yevhen Stankovych's "Angel's Touch" at the concert of Solomiya Ivakhiv (violin, USA - Ukraine) in Composer's National Union of Ukraine hall.


  It was the first performance of "Angel's Touch" in Ukraine after the World premiere at Carnegie Hall (USA) on November 2013. The piece was performed in version for violin and chamber orchestra.








  In July  was finished the next new piece "Prayer for Peace" for clarinet, violin and piano.


  The piece is about 8 minutes long. It forms a diptych together with "Maidan's Freska". The premiere of "Prayer for Peace" is planned on September with Volodymyr Ashkenazi trio.











  On the 19 of September is Yevhen Stankovych's Birthday.


  This day the National Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Volodymyr Sirenko will perform the premiere of Symphonic poem "Dnipro" dedicated to conductor's Stephan Turchak memory. Premiere of Stankovych's piece will take place at National Philharmony of Ukraine.






  On the 25th of October the World premiere of "Prayer for Peace", written by Yevhen Stankovych in July,  took place at XVI Rassegna Musicale d'Autunno in San Marino.


   The piece was performed at the concert in Teatro Titano by trio: Oleksander Semchuk (violin), Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet), Alessandro Marangoni (piano). 












                                                               Merry Christmas!  Happy New  Year! 








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