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  10 March National Opera House of Ukraine. "Taras Passion".  World Premiere. Composer Yevhen Stankovych. Libretto by Vasyl Vovkun. Lyrics by Taras Shevchenko.  The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, conductor Volodymyr Sirenko, National Academic Choral Cappella Dumka conductor Yevhen Savchuk. Soloists Oleksandr Boyko, Anatoly Pogribny. Reciter Yevhen Nishchuk.

  The event was dedicated to 200-th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko birth, the poet, painter and public man of Ukraine. The great lyrics of the poet enveloped by composer in a shape of 'Passion', really was corresponding with the high style of Gospel.

"The audience was impressed by the quiet ending of the performance of the well-known poem Sadok Vyshnevy Kolo Khaty (The Cherry Orchard by the House) ", - wrote the newspaper "Day" in review, dedicated to event. The unexpected contrast of that final have subsided audience into idyllic heavenly atmosphere of Ukrainian world.

At greater length about event you may read Olga Golynska review "Message to future generations", newspaper "Day", 14 March 2013.

Later, after the premiere, the composer has written two more parts to "Taras Passion": "The Prophet" and "Maria".  The new edition of the piece you could hear at the final concert of "Kyiv Music Fest" festival 5 October 2013 in the National philharmony of Ukraine.


  22 - 29 April International Instrumental Competition named by Yevhen Stankovych. The National composer union of Ukraine Hall. The National philharmony of Ukraine.

  International Instrumental Competition named by Yevhen Stankovych gathered about 500 musicians. Contestants from Belarus, China, Spain, South Korea, Russia, and Ukraine were competing in the following nominations: the piano, string, folk, wind, and percussion instruments. The final concert at the National Philharmonic Society lasted for over three hours, and the music pieces performed by the laureates were very complicated. All the musicians showed great mastery. A young Kyivite, Maria-Luiza Pleshakova brilliantly performed at a soiree Haydns Concerto for Piano with Orchestra D Major. She won the Stankovych Prize, which is practically the Grand-Prix of the competition. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Chernihiv schools were favorites of the competition.

Yevhen Stankovych commented the competition with the words: "Talking is not so about the competition of the living composer, but about the important process, that is happens in the state's living: the musicians of the various age categories may take part in the competition. And the number of contestants testifies to the interest of people to show themselves in the various musical genres.

The competition showed that there are a lot of outstanding personalities and let, thanks God, the destiny will be kind for them, from the solid musicians to quite young. Grand-Prix laureate is a nine year old girl, who played brilliantly with the orchestra. She was invited to play at one of prestigious stages of the world - in the Kremlin Hall in Moscow.

I think that the development of chamber music, the most intellectual in musical art at all, is an important phenomenon for the development of music in common. Because, it spreads the sprouts to any branch of music: pop, rock and serious music...

I can't foresee the perspective of Competition, this will depend on many events that will be happened, but this year the Competition was good."

More about II International Instrumental Competition named by Yevhen Stankovych read the article of Tetiana Polishchuk "Folk music has become a part of me", newspaper "Day" 21 May 2013.


  15 June National Opera House of Ukraine, The Ballet The Night before Christmas, conductor Allin Vlasenko, ballet-master Victor Lytvinov, director of painting Maria Levitska.

  In the last days of 145-th theatre season of National Opera House of Ukraine audience took a chance to see Yevhen Stankovych's ballet from the permanent repertoire of the theatre. It has passed with the great success, as usual, with a long ovation before the curtain's fall. The public said good-bye to composer's performances till the new season.




  Along the Summertime Yevhen Stankovych created two new pieces: Piece for violin and piano "Angel's Touch" and Symphonic poem.


  The World Premiere of Piece for violin and piano "Angel's Touch" will take place in the United States of America 2 of November in the Ukrainian Institute of America. "Carnegie Hall" announce of the Concert see here.


  The Symphonic poem was written for the III International Conductor Competition named by Stephan Turchak. It will take place at the beginning of 2014.





   19 September  Yevhen Stankovych Birthday.





 Picture from newspaper "Day"


  11 October Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine, State Academic Opera House of Dnipropetrovsk, Performance of The Ballet Queen Olha, conductor Yuri Porohovnyk, balletmaister Oleg Nikolayev.


 Performance dedicated to 1025-th anniversary of the Kiev Rus christening.





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