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Ahead of the Anniversary


Pre-anniversary year (the composer will be 70 years old in 2012) has pleased Yevhen Stankovych with a rich variety of performances of his works at home and abroad. His music has been sounded at small halls and great palaces, was played outdoors, meeting sympathy, empathy, awe of a huge number of listeners, clearly confirming the fact that its author not for nothing has the title of national.


We may point out among variety of musical events several symbolic events to the composer.


First of all it is the world premiere of the new edition of the folk opera When the Fern Blooms Cradle of Life directed by the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Dnipropetrovsk, on March 26, 27 and on April 2. You must admit that this is a fairly rare event in our present cultural life production of large works of contemporary authors. Especially, it is necessary to applaud the staff of the Dnipropetrovsk Theatre that has included in its permanent repertory another great work of Yevhen Stankovych along with already performed in 2010 the ballet Queen Olga.


The second most important event of 2011 in the composers life was probably long overdue performance of Kaddysh-Requiem Babyn Yar in Jerusalem at the memorial complex Yad Vashem on October 6, 2011. Negotiations about performance of the work on the Israel land were carried on from the time of its creation (1991).


The performance of the ballet The Lord of the Borysthenes staged at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine in 2010 can be called a notable event of the year. With all the ambiguity of estimation by different critics, the performance has found its audience, primarily because of music (and, of course, the costumes and sets).





A great success accompanied the world premiere of the second version of the folk opera When the Fern Blooms, held in the framework of the XXI International Festival of Modern Music Musical Premieres (April 8, 2011 at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine), Oratorio Chornobyls Mother dedicated to 25th anniversary of Chornobyl tragedy (April 26, 2011 at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine), Opera Rustici performed on October 6 by Kyiv Chamber Orchestra (the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, conductor Anton Sharoiev (Russia)), and many other works of Yevhen Stankovych.


Record of the second version of the folk opera When the Fern Blooms took place in 2011 in Ukraine, Symphony Larga  in Germany, as well as Sonata of Serenades and Chamber Symphony No. 3 for flute with string instruments, included in the albums The Invisible World and Mirror of Eternity of the flautist Wissam Boustany (England).


The composer continues work on the opera The Thirst for Revenge based on A Terrible Vengeance by Mykola Gogol, which is expected to see the light at the beginning of the anniversary 2012 year. We believe that the new large opera of Yevhen Stankovych will be his gift to his own birthday.





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